Spoken English Techniques and Rules in Bengali

Writer: Maynul Haq Hira
Publisher : Hira CTG Blog
Published year: 2013
Edition: 1st
Size: 5.77 MB

Spoken bengali pdf

We know that well, there is no way in this globalization time without English. When you are going to communicate with any person who is not your native speaker then you must have to talk with him or her in different languages.

In this stage English is in the number one position. So learning of English Speaking is now an essential part of your learning life. When you are a Bangladeshi and your native language is Bangla or called Bengali then it will be better for you to learn English Speaking in Bangla which is your mother language.

With this book you can easily capture the top techniques of Speaking English. You will find a lot of Bangla Ebook is here but this ebook can also help you to learn to speak English in a short time. There you will get direction how to speak and how to increase Frequency. That will start from Getting and will end over Blogging like me. :D

So, First Download it and then start to learn and inform me how it works for you.

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Spoken English Techniques and Rules
Reviewed by Tufael Khanon Mar 20 2013
Rating: 5


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