Writer : Jeri Ledford

About the Author:
Jerri Ledford has been a freelance business technology writer for over 15

years. During that time, she’s written 14 books, and over 700 of her articles,
profi les, news stories, and reports have appeared online and in print. Her
publishing credits include: Intelligent Enterprise, Network World, Information
Security Magazine, DCM Magazine, CRM Magazine, and IT Manager’s Journal.
She develops and teaches technology training courses for both consumer
and business users, including courses on security, customer service, career
skills, and various technologies. 
When she’s not writing for a consumer audience, Jerri also produces 
corporate collateral — white papers, case studies, Web content, templates, help
documents, and presentations. Her corporate clients include: Microsoft,
Switch & Data, The World Health Organization, FujiFilm, Coca-Cola, and
In her off-time (which is infrequent), Jerri spends hours reading, gardening,
and playing with her electronic gadgets. She’s fondly referred to as “tech
support” by friends and family members.

Published year : 2008

Publisher : Wiley Publishing, Inc.

ISBN : 978-0-470-292809-1

Part : 5                  Chapter : 15 

Part I: AdSense Basics 

Chapter 1: Understanding Google AdSense 
Chapter 2: Getting Started with AdSense 

Chapter 3: Building a Content-Rich Web Site 

Chapter 4: AdSense and Search Engine Optimization

Chapter 5: Installing the AdSense Code

Part II: The Major Players: AdSense for Content

AdSense for Search 

Chapter 6: Building the Right Content

Chapter 7: Designing the Per fect Content Ad

Chapter 8: Understanding AdSense for Search 

Part III: Other Types of AdSense

Chapter 9: Show Me Some Video (& Other Gadgets)

Chapter 10: AdSense for Mobile

Chapter 11: AdSense for RSS 

Chapter 12: The AdSense Referral Program

Chapter 13: AdSense Your Blog 

Part IV: AdSense Administration

Chapter 14: Tracking AdSense Responses 

Chapter 15: Using AdSense Reports 

Chapter 16: AdSense Revenues

Part V: The Part of Tens

Chapter 17: Ten (Plus Two) Must-Have Tools for AdSense 

Chapter 18: Ten AdSense Don’ts 

Chapter 19: Ten Ways to Improve Web Site Traffic 


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