Writer :  Ed Tittel
     Jeff Noble

Published Year : 2008

ISBN: 978-0-470-23847-9

Part : 6  Chapter : 23

Part I: Getting to Know (X)HTML and CSS

Chapter 1: The Least You Need to Know about HTML, CSS, and the Web

Chapter 2: Creating and Viewing a Web Page

Chapter 3: Proper Planning Prevents Poor Page Performance

Part II: Formatting Web Pages with (X)HTML

Chapter 4: Creating (X)HTML Document Structure

Chapter 5: Text and Lists

Chapter 6: Linking to Online Resources

Chapter 7: Finding and Using Images

Part III: Taking Precise Control Over Web Pages and Styles

Chapter 8: Introducing Cascading Style Sheets

Chapter 9: Using Cascading Style Sheets

Chapter 10: Getting Creative with Colors and Fonts

Chapter 11: Using Tables to Jazz Up Your Pages

Part IV: Integrating Scripts with (X)HTML

Chapter 12: Scripting Web Pages

Chapter 13: The Nuts and Bolts of JavaScript .

Chapter 14: Working with Forms

Chapter 15: Fun with Client-Side Scripts.

Part V: (X)HTML Projects

Chapter 16: The About Me Page

Chapter 17: The eBay Auction Page

Chapter 18: A Company Site

Chapter 19: A Product Catalog

Part VI: The Part of Tens

Chapter 20: Ten HTML Dos and Don’ts

Chapter 21: Ten Ways to Exterminate Web Bugs

Chapter 22: Ten Cool HTML Tools and Technologies

Chapter 23: Ten Tip-Top Online HTML References

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