Writer : Margaret H.Bonham

Published Year : 2006

ISBN-13: 978-0-471-77390-0
ISBN-10: 0-471-77390-5

Size : 5.4 MB


Part I: Getting Started

  • Chapter 1: What Good Grooming Is All About
  • Chapter 2: Inside and Out: What Affects a Dog’s Coat and Grooming
  • Chapter 3: Prepping for the Prettying
  • Chapter 4: Training Your Dog for Grooming

Part II: Making Your Dog Look Good:The Basics

  • Chapter 5: Mastering Brushing and Bathing Basics
  • Chapter 6: Caring for Your Canine’s Teeth, Toes, Ears, Face, andAhem, Other Areas 
  •  Chapter 7: Giving Your Dog a Great ’Do: Clipping Basics

Part III: Grooming by Coat Type: Beyond the Basics

  • Chapter 8: Spiffing Up Short- and Medium-Coated Breeds
  • Chapter 9: Warming Up to Double-Coated Breeds
  • Chapter 10: Clarifying the Corded Breed’s Coif
  • Chapter 11: Shaping Up the Clipped Breeds
  • Chapter 12: Beautifying the Stripped Breeds
  • Chapter 13: Tidying the Tresses of the Long-Haired Breeds
  • Chapter 14: Poodles: A Breed Apart

Part IV: Grooming Specialties

  • Chapter 15: Getting the Sticky and Stinky Stuff Out
  • Chapter 16: The Skinny on Hairy Health Issues
  • Chapter 17: Grooming Emergencies: Knowing Doggie First Aid
  • Chapter 18: It’s Showtime! Grooming a Dog for the Ring
  • Chapter 19: Going Pro: Starting a Dog Grooming Business

Part V: The Part of Tens

  • Chapter 20: Ten Popular Myths About Grooming Dogs
  • Chapter 21: Ten Timesaving Grooming Tips
  • Chapter 22: Ten Best Ways to Make Grooming a Pleasant Experience


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