Writer: Machtelt Garrels

Published Year: 2008

Publisher: N/A


Edition: 1.27

Size: 2 MB(pdf)


Chapter 1: What is Linux, how did it come into existence, advantages and disadvantages, what does
the future hold for Linux, who should use it, installing your computer.
 Chapter 2: Getting started, connecting to the system, basic commands, where to find help.

Chapter 3: The filesystem, important files and directories, managing files and directories, protecting your data.

Chapter 4: Understanding and managing processes, boot and shutdown procedures, postponing tasks, repetitive tasks.

Chapter 5: What are standard input, output and error and how are these features used from the
command line.
Chapter 6: Why you should learn to work with an editor, discussion of the most common editors

Chapter 7: Configuring your graphical, text and audio environment, settings for the non-native
English speaking Linux user, tips for adding extra software.

Chapter 8: Converting files to a printable format, getting them out of the printer, hints for solving
print problems.

Chapter 9: Preparing data to be backed up, discussion of various tools, remote backup.

Chapter 10: Overview of Linux networking tools and user applications, with a short discussion of the underlying service daemon programs and secure networking.

Chapter 11: Sound and video, including Voice over IP and sound recording is discussed in this

Appendix A: Which books to read and sites to visit when you have finished reading this one.

Appendix B: A comparison.

Appendix C: If you ever get stuck, these tables might be an outcome. Also a good argument when
your boss insists that YOU should use HIS favorite shell.


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