Writer: David Bowers

Published Year: 2008

ISBN 978-0-470-51301-9 (cloth : alk, paper)

Editions: Second

Pages: 302

Size: 3.1 MB( rar)

This book is intended to be an introduction to medical statistics but one which is not too
mathematical—in fact has the absolute minimum of maths. The exceptions however are Chapters
17 and 18, on linear and logistic regression. It’s really impossible to provide material on
these procedures without some maths, and I hesitated about including them at all. However
they are such useful and widely used techniques, particularly logistic regression and its production
of odds ratios, that I felt they must go in. Of course you don’t have to read them. It
should appeal to anyone training orworking in the health care arena—whatever their particular
discipline—who wants a simple, not-too-technical introduction to the subject. I have aimed
the book at:

  • students doing either a first degree or diploma in health care-related courses
  • students doing postgraduate health care studies
  • health care professionals doing professional and membership examinations
  • health care professionals who want to brush up on some medical statistics generally, or who want a simple reminder of one particular topic
  • anybody else who wants to know a bit of what medical statistics is about.


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