Writer : Beverley Henderson, CMT
     Jennifer Dorsey

Published Year : 2009

ISBN: 978-0-470-27965-6

Size : 4 MB (rar)


Part I: Living for Linguistics

  • Chapter 1: Scrubbing In to Master Medical Terminology
  • Chapter 2: Medical Terminology: The How and Why
  • Chapter 3: Introducing the Big Three: Prefi xes, Roots, and Suffi xes
  • Chapter 4: Acronyms, Eponyms, Homonyms, Multiples, and Plurals — Oh My!
  • Chapter 5 Say What? Pronunciation and Usage

Part II: Mapping Words and Bodies

  • Chapter 6: s It Was in the Beginning: Prefi xes
  • Chapter 7: So It Shall Be in the End: Suffi xes
  • Chapter 8: Hey, I Know You: Word Recognition
  • Chapter 9: Deconstruction Junction: Breaking Down Words
  • Chapter 10: An Org Chart to Live By: Organization of the Body
  • Chapter 11: All Systems Go: When Systems Combine

Part III: In Terms of Anatomy

  • Chapter 12: Boning Up on the Skeletal System
  • Chapter 13: Getting Ripped: The Muscular System
  • Chapter 14: Skin Deep: Skin, Glands, Nails, and Hair
  • Chapter 15: It Depends on Your Perception: The Sensory Systems

Part IV: Let’s Get Some Physiology Terminology

  • Chapter 16: The Heart of the Matter: The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems
  • Chapter 17: Just Breathe: The Respiratory System
  • Chapter 18: Feeding Time: The Gastrointestinal System
  • Chapter 19: Gatekeepers of Health: The Endocrine System
  • Chapter 20: Calming Down: The Nervous System

Part V: Name That Plumbing

  • Chapter 21: When You Gotta Go: The Urinary System 
  • Chapter 22: Checking the Plumbing: The Male Reproductive System
  • Chapter 23: A Life Force: The Female Reproductive System

Part VI: The Par t of Tens

  • Chapter 24: Ten Essential Medical Terminology References 
  •  Chapter 25: Ten or So Useful Mnemonic Devices
  • Chapter 26: Ten Fun Word-Building Activities


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