Writers: John T.Moore, EdD
              Richard Langley,PhD

Published Year: 2008

ISBN: 978-0-470-19428-7

Page: 362 Pages (original print)

Size: 7.5 MB (rar)

Biochemistry For Dummies is an overview of the material covered in a typical
college-level biochemistry course. We have made every attempt to keep the
material as current as possible, but the field is changing ever so quickly. The
basics, however, stay the same, and that is where we concentrate our efforts.
We also include information on some of the applications of biochemistry that
you read about in your everyday life, such as forensics, cloning, gene therapy,
genetic testing, genetically modified foods, and so on.
As you flip through this book you will see a lot of chemical structures and
reactions. Much of the biochemistry revolves around knowing the structures
of the molecules involved in biochemical reactions. If you are in a biochemistry
course, you probably have had at least one semester of organic chemistry.
You will recognize many of the structures, or at least the functional
groups, from your study of organic chem. You will see many of those mechanisms
that you loved/hated here in biochemistry.
If you bought this book just to gain general knowledge about a fascinating subject,
try not to get bogged down in the details. Skim the chapters. If you find a
topic that interests you, stop and dive in. Have fun learning something new.


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