Writer: John T. Moore, EdD

Published Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-470-61836-3

Page: 195 Pages

Size: 2 MB

Hardly any human endeavor doesn’t involve chemistry in some fashion. People use chemical products in their homes — cleaners, medicines, cosmetics, and so on. And they use chemistry in school, from the little girl mixing vinegar and baking soda in her volcano to the Ivy League grad student working on chemical research.
Chemistry has brought people new products and processes. Many times this has been for the good of humankind, but sometimes it’s been for the detriment. Even in those cases, people used chemistry to correct the situations. Chemistry is, as has been said many times, the central science.

This book is to give you the really essential information and concepts that you would face in a first semester chemistry class in high school or college. I’ve omitted a lot of topics found in a typical chemistry textbook. This book is designed to give you the bare essentials.


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