Writer: Kim Schulz

Publisher: Packt Publishing

Published Year: 2007

ISBN: 978-1-847190-93-2

Page: 224 Pages(color print)

Size: 5 MB

Back in the early days of the computer revolution, system resources were limited and developers had to figure out new ways to optimize their applications. This was also the case with the text editors of that time. One of the most popular editors of that time was an editor called Vim. It was optimized to near-perfection for the limited system resources on which it ran.
The world has come a long way since then, and even though the system resources have grown, many still stick with the Vim editor.
At first sight, the Vim editor might not look like much. However, if you look beneath the simple user-interface, you will discover why this editor is still the favorite editor for so many people, even today!
This editor has nearly every feature you would ever want, and if it's not in the editor, it is possible to add it by creating plugins and scripts. This high level of flexibility makes it ideal for many purposes, and it is also why Vim is still one of the most advanced editors.
New users join the Vim user community every day and want to use this editor in their daily work, and even though Vim sometimes can be complex to use, they still favor it above other editors. This is a book for these Vim users.
With this book, Vim users can make their daily work in the editor more comfortable and thereby optimize their productivity. In this way they will not only have an optimized editor, but also an optimized work-flow. The book will help them move from just using Vim as a simple text editor to a situation where they feel at home and can use it for many of their daily tasks.


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