Writer: James Wedding P. E
   Rick Graham

Published Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-470-48152-3

Page: 339 Pages (Original Print)

Size: 13.2 MB(rar)

This book covers the basics of creating, editing, and using the elements that make up the Civil 3D universe. You won’t find every setting covered in detail or presented with the most complex uses. You’ll find straightforward examples and language that give you a clear path to understanding and a level of confidence to begin taking on bigger tasks within your Civil 3D designs.

The book is essentially a catalog of tools, arranged according to features and object sets. Each chapter describes an object and a bit about why it’s different from your stock AutoCAD objects. You’ll get some discussion, and then you will go right into step-by-step exercises that walk you through the creation of most objects types in a couple of different ways. You’ll look at some of the most common creation options, with further exercises that let you explore these as well. After you have created some Civil 3D objects, you’ll move to editing and styling objects to suit your needs. Each chapter wraps with a quick summary to help you remember all that was covered and the purpose a given feature serves.

This book assumes a basic understanding of the core AutoCAD package and Microsoft
Windows. Although you won’t get into complex AutoCAD commands or sequences, this book assumes that you can draw lines and arcs, copy objects, and use osnaps within the program.


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