Writer: John W. Wilson, MD
             Lynn L. Estes, PharmD

Published Year: 2008

ISBN-13: 978-1-4200-8518-1
ISBN-10: 1-4200-8518-2

Page: 346 Pages

Size: 2.7 MB

The medical management of infectious diseases and antimicrobial therapy can be a daunting task for health care professionals. Although expansive textbooks and online resources are available, but more simplified, quick reference guide is needed for the day-to-day office and hospital clinical practice. This book is designed to provide information about infectious diseases and antimicrobial therapy in a format that is readily accessible and easily applicable to the clinical environment.

Highlights of this book include simplified and thorough drug dosing recommendations for renal function and renal replacement therapies, drugs of choice for specific organisms (including bacteria, fungi, and viruses), and simplified antimicrobial and management recommendations for specific infectious syndromes.

This book will assist health care providers in the management of infectious diseases and in the selection of appropriate antimicrobial therapy in a time-efficient manner. This book is not meant to serve as a comprehensive review of all infectious diseases topics. Instead, readers are encouraged to seek supplemental information from additional published resources and from the prescribing information provided by pharmaceutical manufacturers.


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