Microsoft Excel 2010 Bible


Writer: John Walkenbach

Published Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-470-47487-7

Page: 1058 Pages(Original Print)

Chapter: 45

Size: 8.5 MB (rar)

The Bible series from Wiley Publishing, Inc. is designed for beginning, intermediate, and advanced users. This book covers all the essential components of Excel and provides clear and practical examples that you can adapt to your own needs.In this book, maintain a good balance between the basics that every Excel user needs to know and the more complex topics that will appeal to power users.

Part I: Getting Started with Excel: This part consists of nine chapters that provide background about Excel. These chapters are considered required reading for Excel newcomers, but even experienced users will probably find some new information here.

Part II: Working with Formulas and Functions: The chapters in Part II cover everything that you need to know to become proficient with performing calculations in Excel.

Part III: Creating Charts and Graphics: The chapters in Part III describe how to create effective charts. In addition, you’ll find a chapter on the conditional formatting visualization features, and a chapter on the new Sparkline graphics.

Part IV: Using Advanced Excel Features: This part consists of ten chapters that deal with topics that are sometimes considered advanced. However, many beginning and intermediate users may find this information useful as well.

Part V: Analyzing Data with Excel: Data analysis is the focus of the chapters in Part IV. Users of all levels will find some of these chapters of interest.

Part VI: Programming Excel with VBA: Part VI is for those who want to customize Excel for their own use or who are designing workbooks or add-ins that are to be used by others. It starts with an introduction to recording macros and VBA programming and then provides coverage of UserForms, add-ins, and events.


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