Writer: Dan Gookin

Published Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-0-470-48772-3

Chapter: 33

Page: 412 Pages

Size: 5.5 MB

Welcome to Word 2010 For Dummies, which takes the pain from using Microsoft’s latest, greatest, most confusing word processing software ever! This book is your friendly, informative, and entertaining guide to the newfangled way of processing words that is Word 2010.

Part I: Your Introduction to Word

This part provides a quick introduction to Word and word processing. You can find information on how to start and quit Word and a simple overview of the typical word processing day.

Part II: Your Basic Word

The chapters in this part of the book cover the seven basic tasks of any word processor: move around a document, edit text, search and replace, work with blocks of text, proof documents, save and open, and, finally, publish.(Publishing has replaced printing as the final result of your word processing efforts, though printing is still covered as part of the whole publishing milieu.)

Part III: Formatting

This part deals with formatting, from the smallest iota of text to formatting commands that span an entire document and more. Formatting is the art of making your document look less ugly.

Part IV: Spruce Up a Dull Document

This part is formatting dessert, or tasks you can do beyond regular formatting to help make your document look like more than a typical, boring document. Part IV covers lines, borders, tables, columns, lists, graphical goodness, and all sorts of stuff that makes Word more than a typical word processor.

Part V: Even More Word

This part covers a few dangling details that I consider myself fortunate to write about, such as outlining, collaboration, mail merge, label-making, and other interesting things that Word does.


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