Writer: Donald A. Neamen

Publisher: The McGraw-H111 Company , Inc.

Published Year: 2003 (Third Edition)

ISBN: 0-07-232107-5

ISBN: 0-07-1 19862-8 (ISE)

Page: 209 Pages

Size: 22 MB

The purpose of the third edition of this book is to provide a basis for understanding the characteristics, operation, and limitations of semiconductor devices. In order to gain this understanding, it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of the physics of the semiconductor material. The goal of this book is to bring together quantum mechanics, the quantum theory of solids, semiconductor material physics. and semiconductor
device physics. All of these components are vital to the understanding of both theoperation of present day devices and any future development in the field.

The amount of physics presented in this text is greater than what is covered in many introductory semiconductor device books. Although this coverage is more extensive, the author has found that once the basic introductory and material physics have been thoroughly covered. the physics of the semiconductor device follows quite naturally and can he covered fairly quickly and efficiently. The emphasis on the underlying
physics will also be a benefit in understanding and perhaps in developing new semiconductor devices. Since the objective of this text is to provide an introduction to the theory of semiconductor devices, there is a great deal of advanced theory that is not considered.

In addition. fabrication processes are not described in detail. There are a few references and general discussions about processing techniques such as diffusion and ion implantation, but only where the results of this processing have direct impact on device characteristics.


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