Daniel M. Kaplan
Christopher G. White

Published Year: 2003

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN 13: 978-0-511-07668-8

ISBN 10: 0-511-07668-1

Pages: 228 Pages

Size: 2.08 MB

Packed full of real circuits to build and test, Hands-On Electronics is a unique introductionto analog and digital electronics theory and practice. Ideal both as a college textbook andfor self-study, the friendly style, clear illustrations and construction details included in thebook encourage rapid and effective learning of analog and digital circuit design theory.All the major topics for a typical one-semester course are covered, including RC circuits,diodes, transistors, op amps, oscillators, digital logic, counters, D/A converters and more.There are also chapters explaining how to use the equipment needed for the examples(oscilloscope, multimeter and breadboard), together with pinout diagrams for all the keycomponents referred to in the book.


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