Author: Bill Gates

Published Year: 1995

Publisher: Pearson Education Limited

ISBN: 978-0140260403

Pages: 73 Pages (modified)

Size: 420 KB

Bill Gates, famous across the world for his successful business, Microsoft, gives readers a fascinating insight into how personal computers are in the future going to change our lives still further and how the Internet will continue to evolve. Optimistic and enthusiastic, Bill Gates takes the reader into a world of the near future. This is a world where less paper is used, where teachers share their work and reach more students, where businesses hold meetings across the world without anyone leaving their offices, and where someone’s house can recognize them and choose their favorite music as they enter.

The Road Ahead is Bill Gates’ view of how the Information Highway - the Internet - will affect everybody. Gates is not blind to possible problems, but he stresses the fact that the computer is always just a tool, and must be treated as such.


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