Writer: Jason E. Sweat

Published Year: 2005 (1st edition)

Publisher: Marco Tabini & Associates, Inc.

ISBN: 0-9735898-2-5

Page: 337 Pages

Size: 3.33 MB

The term “design pattern” was originally coined in the field of architecture. Christopher Alexander, in his 1977 work, “A Pattern Language: Towns/Building/Construction,” describes common issues of architectural design and explains how new, effective designs can be created through the aggregation of existing,well-known patterns. Alexander’s concepts translate well into software development, where it’s long been desirable to construct solutions from previously existing components.
The goal of this book is not to present a comprehensive catalog of software design patterns or to develop any new design patterns or terminology, but rather to highlight a few of the existing, wellknown design patterns. In particular, the book presents those patterns that I’ve found most useful for development of dynamic web applications and shows reference implementations for these patterns in PHP.


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