Davey Shafik
Ben Ramsey

Published Year: 2006

Publisher: Marco Tabini & Associates, Inc.

ISBN: 0-9738621-4-9

Page: 278 Pages

Size: 3 MB

With PHP breaking new ground in the enterprise arena, the establishment of a ratified certification was, some might say, inevitable. However, it couldn’t comesoon enough—and ecstatic when Zend launched their PHP 4 Certification. With more than 1,500 certified engineers to date, there is no doubt that their endeavour has been a success.
The introduction of the long-awaited PHP 5 certification, Zend has once again raised the bar for PHP developers everywhere. This examination is much broader, and requires much more than just theoretical knowledge—in order to pass the test, candidates need real-world knowledge in addition to a solid theoretical background. The effect of the PHP 5 certification, is even more profound than that of the original certification, and it will become the gold standard for those looking to hire PHP-centric Web Developers.It is apt to consider Zend’s work a job well done, and to applaud those who invest the time and effort needed to become Zend Certified Engineers.
This book help those who are preparing for the Zend exam and student of instructor-led classes who are approaching and studying PHP for the first time.


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