• Jonathan Chaffer 
  • Karl Swedberg

Published Year: 2007

Publisher: Packt Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-847192-50-9

Page: 376 Pages

Size: 5.6 MB (rar)

jQuery is a powerful JavaScript library that can enhance your websites regardless of your background. Created by John Resig, jQuery is an open-source project with a dedicated core team of top-notch JavaScript developers. It provides a wide range of features, an easy-to-learn syntax, and robust cross-platform compatibility in a single compact file. What's more, over a hundred plug-ins have been developed to extend jQuery's functionality, making it an essential tool for nearly every client-side scripting occasion. Learning jQuery provides a gentle introduction to jQuery concepts, allowing you to add interactions and animations to your pages—even if previous attempts at writing JavaScript have left you baffled. This book guides you past the pitfalls associated with AJAX, events, effects, and advanced JavaScript language features.

This book is for web designers who want to create interactive elements for their designs, and for developers who want to create the best user interface for their web applications. The reader will need the basics of HTML and CSS, and should be comfortable with the syntax of JavaScript. No knowledge of jQuery is assumed, nor is experience with any other JavaScript libraries required.


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