Writer: Paola Sassi

Published Year: 2006

Publisher: Taylor & Francis Inc

ISBN10: 0-415-34142-6 (pbk)
ISBN10: 0-203-48010-4 (ebk)

ISBN13: 978-0-415-34142-4 (pbk)
ISBN13: 978-0-203-48010-6 (ebk)

Page: 312 Pages

Size: 13.4 MB

Anyone involved in building design, procurement or maintenance in recent years will
have been confronted in one way or another by the term sustainability.The term remains elusive to many, and while a number of definitions exist, they give little indication of how to apply principles of sustainability in practice. Moreover, these definitions differ slightly, one from another, and in any attempt to implement sustainable development it is essential that the meaning of sustainability be understood. It is generally agreed that sustainability fundamentally affects the way we live; consequently, personal ethics will influence the way an individual interprets its aims. Like architecture as a whole, sustainability involves addressing a wide spectrum of issues, sometimes, seemingly, conflicting ones.Acquiring a basic knowledge of these issues is the first step towards establishing or clarifying personal values and moving towards a more sustainable future.Strategies for Sustainable Architecture aims to contribute to this process.

This book illustrates many different approaches adopted by building designers and developers that all achieve some level of sustainability.The case studies examined focus on different issues within the wide spectrum of sustainable design. Perhaps one common ingredient in all the different approaches taken is the wish to provide better buildings, buildings that are better for the environment, the users and the community.


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