Writer: Matthew J. Basham

Published Year: 2007

Publisher: Lulu Press

ISBN:  n/a

Page: 720 Pages

Size: 7.5 MB

This manual was developed to prepare students for hands-on training to accompany classroom lectures on CISCO networking theory for the CISCO CCNA examination. These labs are intended to supplement and enhance the Cisco Networking Academy Program with additional information, explanations, and laboratory materials, not to replace them. Think of this like a “cliff’s notes” to accompany the curriculum. If you are looking for a lot of theory, then you have got the wrong book.

This book uses a bunch of educational theory and the book should be used from the start to the finish. For example, in early labs ip addresses and related information is given. The later labs assume you have a good grasp of addressing and can choose your own. Yeah, I know it can stink but understanding subnetting is a critical part of an entry level technician in networking and the “standard” Cisco curriculum does not address this very well. Also I put an emphasis on troubleshooting and critical thinking to a much deeper extent than the official curriculum.

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