Writer: Sam Stephenson and the Prototype Team

Published Year: 2007 (1st Edition)

Publisher: Sam Stephenson.

ISBN: n/a

Page: 166 Pages

Size: 1 MB

Prototype1 is a JavaScript framework that aims to ease development of dynamic web applications. Prototype was created by Sam Stephenson who released the framework as an open-source project in February 2005. Other members of the core development team are: Thomas Fuchs, Justin Palmer, Andrew Dupont, Dan Webb, Scott Raymond, Seth Dillingham, Mislav Marohni#, Christophe Porteneuve and Tobie Langel.

This PDF book version of the Prototype API reference was created by Josh Clark2, but all content comes from the Prototype site and is the intellectual property of Sam Stephenson and the Prototype core team.


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