Author: Herbert Schildt

Published Year: 2002

Publisher: The McGraw-HIll Companies, Inc.

ISBN: 0-07-222420-7

Page: 1186 Page

Size: 5 MB (rar)

To use this book does not require any previous programming experience. However, if you come from a C/C++ background, then you will be able to advance a bit more rapidly. As most readers will know, Java is similar, in form and spirit, to C/C++. Thus, knowledge of those langauges helps, but is not necessary. Even if you have never programmed before, you can learn to program in Java using this book.

This book covers all aspects of the Java programming language. Part 1 presents an in-depth tutorial of the Java language. It begins with the basics, including such things as data types, control statements, and classes. 

Part 1 also discusses Java’s exception-handling mechanism, multithreading subsystem, packages, and interfaces.
Part 2 examines the standard Java library. As you will learn, much of Java’s power is found in its library. Topics include strings, I/O, networking, the standard utilities, the Collections Framework, applets, GUI-based controls, and imaging.
Part 3 looks at some issues relating to the Java development environment, including an overview of Java Beans, Servlets, and Swing.
Part 4 presents a number of high-powered Java applets that serve as extended examples of the way Java can be applied. The final applet, called Scrabblet, is a complete, multiuser networked game. It shows how to handle some of the toughest issues involved in Web-based programming.


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