Schaum's Outline Of Discrete Mathematics



Published Year: 2007

Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

ISBN: 0-07-151101-6

Size: 4 MB

Page: 490 Pages

Discrete mathematics, the study of finite systems, has become increasingly important as the computer agehas advanced. The digital computer is basically a finite structure, and many of its properties can be understoodand interpreted within the framework of finite mathematical systems. This book, in presenting the more essentialmaterial, may be used as a textbook for a formal course in discrete mathematics or as a supplement to all current texts.

The first three chapters cover the standard material on sets, relations, and functions and algorithms. Next come chapters on logic, counting, and probability. We then have three chapters on graph theory: graphs, directed graphs, and binary trees. Finally there are individual chapters on properties of the integers, languages, machines, ordered sets and lattices, and Boolean algebra, and appendices on vectors and matrices, and algebraic systems.The chapter on functions and algorithms includes a discussion of cardinality and countable sets, and complexity.

The chapters on graph theory include discussions on planarity, traversability, minimal paths, and Warshall’s and Huffman’s algorithms. We emphasize that the chapters have been written so that the order can be changed without difficulty and without loss of continuity. Each chapter begins with a clear statement of pertinent definitions, principles, and theorems with illustrative and other descriptive material. This is followed by sets of solved and supplementary problems. The solved problems serve to illustrate and amplify the material, and also include proofs of theorems. The supplementary
problems furnish a complete review of the material in the chapter. More material has been included than can be covered in most first courses. This has been done to make the book more flexible, to provide a more useful book of reference, and to stimulate further interest in the topics.

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