Flash Game Development by Example

Writer:  Emanuele Feronato

Published Year: 2011

Publisher: Packt Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-849690-90-4

Page: 328 Pages

Size: 6 MB


Chapter 1, Concentration is the simplest game ever that can be made with just an array and limited user interaction.
Chapter 2, Minesweeper is a game that can be made with an array, but shows more interesting features such as recursive functions.
Chapter 3, Connect Four is an array-based game with more complex rules and a basic artificial intelligence to make the computer play against a human.
Chapter 4, Snake is also a keyboard interaction game with simple rules but now it'sa real time game, the snake never stops so the game doesn't just sit and wait for player inputs.
Chapter 5, Tetris is the most difficult game, featuring timers, player inputs, multi-dimension arrays, and actors with different shapes.
Chapter 6, Astro-PANIC! is a shooter game with virtually infinite levels of increasing difficulty and a complete score and high score system.
Chapter 7, Bejeweled is a modern blockbuster with combos and a basic artificial intelligence to give the player hints about the game.
Chapter 8, Puzzle Bobble is a match 3 game played on a non-orthogonal game field, which can also be played in multiplayer.

Chapter 9, BallBalance is a game I made from scratch


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