Interconnections:Bridges Routers Switches and Interworking Protocols

Author: Radia Perlman

Edition: Second Edition

Published Year: 1999

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman

ISBN: 0-201-62448-1

Page: 418 Pages

Szie: 3.04 MB

Interconnections, Second Edition is about what goes on inside the boxes that move data around the Internet. These boxes are variously called bridges, routers, switches, and hubs.The book also describes the devices that connect to the network. There is considerable confusion in this area. Most of the terminology is ill defined and is used in conflicting ways. The terminology and the specifications tend to be daunting. Some knowledge is spread among many different documents; much is unwritten folk wisdom. Adding to the confusion is dogma. Beliefs are accepted as truth, and questioning any of the dogma is often greeted with hostility. But good engineering demands that we understand what we're doing and why, keep an open mind, and learn from experience.


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