Kazi Nazrul Islam (কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম) was a Bengali poet, musician and revolutionary and poetic works of intense partisanship spiritual rebellion against fascism and oppression pioneers. His poetry and nationalist activism earned him the coveted title of Bidrohi Kobi (Rebel Poet). Reach a large number of works by acclaimed for his life, Nazrul the National Poet of Bangladesh officially recognized and remembered in India. 

Born into a Muslim Quazi (justice) Family Nazrul received religious education and worked as a muezzin at a local mosque. He learned of poetry, drama and literature while working with theater groups. After being in the British Indian Army, Nazrul established himself as a journalist in Kolkata (Calcutta) state. He attacked the British Raj in India and preached revolution through his poetic works, like "Bidrohi" ("The Rebel") and "Bhangar Gaan" ("The Song of Destruction") and its publication "Dhumketu" ("The Comet "). Passionate activism in the Indian independence movement often led to his imprisonment by British authorities. In prison, Nazrul wrote the "Rajbandir Jabanbandi" ("The testimony of a political prisoner"). Explore the life and conditions of the oppressed masses of India, Nazrul worked for his release.

Nazrul writings explore themes such as love, freedom and revolution, opposed all prejudices, including religious and gender. During his career, Nazrul wrote short stories, novels and essays, but best known for his poems, which pioneered new forms of work such as Bengali ghazals. Nazrul wrote and composed the music for his nearly 4,000 songs (including discs) [1] together, Nazrul Geeti (Nazrul songs), which are very popular today. At the age of 43 years (in 1942), began suffering from an unknown disease, losing his voice and memory. It is often said the reason was slowly poisoned by the British government. Has caused Nazrul's health decline steadily and forced to live in isolation for many years. At the invitation of the Government of Bangladesh, Nazrul and his family moved to Dhaka in 1972, where he died four years later.
 Here I Found Some of His Poem ,Song and Short Stories Pdf version.
  1. Bisher Bashi-বিষের বাশী
  2. Sonchita-সঞ্চিতা
  3. Sondha-সন্ধ্যা
  4. Chondrabak-চন্দ্রবাক
  5. Agnibina-অগ্নিবীণা
  6. Siuli-Mala-শিউলী-মালা
  7. Sindhu-Hindhol-সিন্ধু-হিন্দোল
  8. Bulbul-বুলবুল
  9. Sorbohara-সর্বহারা
  10. Mrittukhuda-মৃত্যুক্ষুধা
  11. Bongiti-বনগীতি
  12. Jinjir-জিঞ্জির
  13. Jhar-ঝড়
  14. Moru-Vaskar-মরু-ভাস্কর
  15. Ghumer Ghore-ঘুমের ঘোরে
  16. Badola Borisane-বাদল বরিষনে


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