HTML Mastery:Semantics, Standards, and Styling

Writer: Paul Haine

Published Year: 2006

Publisher: Apress

ISBN 10: 978-1-59059-765-1

ISBN 13: 1-59059-765-6

Page: 247 Pages

This book is aimed at web designers who may have just learned enough (X)HTML and CSS to create a basic two-column layout, may have spent a lot of time in FrontPage or Dreamweaver and now wish to learn more about the technology their sites are built upon, or may otherwise consider themselves as being beyond the level of beginner and want to take their markup skills further.The intention of this book is not to teach you(X)HTML from the ground up; it is assumed that you have a basic knowledge already. The intention is also not to focus on designing an entire site with CSS, though there will be several examples throughout of applying CSS and JavaScript to your newly written, standards-based markup.

Source: webbac


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