Saimum Series (সাইমু সিরিজ)

Author: Abul Asad (আবুল আসাদ)

Published Year: 1976 (First Book)

Publisher: Bangla Sahitta PariShod (বাংলা সাহিত্য পরিষদ)

ISBN: n/a

Saimum Series is one of the famous bengali Thriller/Nobel  created by Abul Asad.The First book of this Series published in 1976.There are 52 books of this series has been published.The Main Character of this Novel is Ahmad Musa who is a Muslim Spy.Those books gives readers and help readers learn the thriller and science in history, geography and culture of many countries.Some of these books download link given below:

For download 11-52 Books of This Series Click Here.


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