A.K Raja
Amit Prakash Srivastava
Manish Dwivedi

Published Year: 2006

ISBN (10) : 81-224-2333-7
ISBN (13) : 978-81-224-2333-4

Page: 491 Pages

Size: 3.45 MB

There have been significant developments and advances in the field of power plant engineering,computer applications on energy audit and management, environmental audit and management, humandevelopment and environment. The authors have been encouraged to write this pioneer book for thebenefit of students of engineering and researchers due to their contribution in power generation coveringthe syllabi of conventional power plants i.e., Power Plant Engineering, at the international level ingeneral as text cum reference book.

This book being pilot project of the authors specially in the area of conventional power plant willsatisfy the engineering scholars as well as researchers in the field of direct energy conversion devices.In the present book the syllabi enclosed has been covered in the most lucid manner frompower plant point of view to avoid the unnecessary bulkiness and to reduce the cost of the price for the benefit of our beloved students of engineering in particular and others in general.


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