Linux Network Servers

Writer: Craig Hunt

Published Year: 2002

Publisher: SYBEX Inc.

ISBN: 0−7821−4123−4

Page: 493 Pages

Size: 6.70 MB

Linux system administrators will find this book invaluable as their primary resource for information on network services. Even administrators of servers dedicated to specific tasks, such as web servers or DNS servers, will find this book a useful companion text. Although such an administrator may rely on Linux Apache Web Server Administration or Linux DNS Server Administration as a primary resource, this book provides the insights into how other services work and how they are configured, which are helpful to anyone running a Linux server. This book is not simply a reference to network server configuration options. Instead, it provides insight into how real servers are actually configured. This book helps you understand how things really work so that you can make intelligent configuration decisions that relate to your environment. No book, no matter how well−thought−out or how long, can provide accurate examples for every possible situation. This book strives to provide you with the information you need to develop the correct solution for your situation on your own.


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