Special Edition Using Linux Fourth Edition

Author: Jack Tackett, Jr. and Steve Burnett.

Published Year: 1999

Publisher: Que

ISBN: 0-7897-1746-8

Page: 894 Pages

Size: 5.67 MB

Linux is no longer a “not ready for prime time” operating system! Many commercial uses of Linux abound, ranging from being used to create many of the fantastic special effects for James Cameron’s mega hit Titanic, to being used as the OS for new network computers. As Linux evolves, one has to keep up with the changes; that’s why you will find plenty of new material in this fourth edition of the popular Special Edition Using Linux. Many chapters have been rewritten to highlight the Red Hat distribution—probably the most popular and easiest-to-install Linux distribution ever. In addition, the book contains updated coverage of such items as RPM (the Red Hat Package Manager), which offers the easiest way to install and upgrade your system; PAM, a leading security feature of most Linux distributions; and X Windows. You’ll also find another CD-ROM containing a lite version of Caldera’s OpenLinux Base product. Finally, on the third CD-ROM, you’ll find a copy of Caldera’s StarOffice, an integrated office application that includes several office automation programs.Anyone interested in the Linux phenomenon can use this book as a guide to installing, configuring, and using Linux.


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